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OE balancing solution in your workshop

The new Prime Factory Mode software comes from the experience of CEMB in the industrial field. If activated, Prime Factory Mode gives readings of the unbalance values refered to the external planes according to the methodology adopted by the car manufacturers, saving time and counterweight.

When can I be sure that the wheel is balanced?
Normally, wheels are considered balanced when residual unbalance on reference planes is less than a certain tolerance (5 gr o 7 gr).
Commonly reference planes are identified with the correction planes  on which you choose to place the counterweights.
Nevertheless car manufactures make a clear distinction: correction planes, internal to the rim in case of adhesive weights, do not correspond to the reference planes for the evaluation of the residual unbalance, which are identified with the external planes of the wheel .
Prime Factory Mode follows this methodology: with the standard ISO 21940, even if adhesive weights inside the rim are used, analyzes and verifies the residual unbalance on the external planes of the wheel, with the purpose of:

  • Reproducing the real tolerable unbalance.
  • Bringing back the residual unbalance value to a factory value.
  • Saving both time and counterweights.

In tests it could be required a correction in the inner planes  despite the fact that the unbalance values on the external reference planes are in tolerance. This is due to the proximity of the correction planes, having a shorter distance to the center of the wheel, compared to the external reference planes, which are more distant and with a greater diameter. This involves a waste of counterweights and more time to balance a single wheel, an issue that the Prime Factory Mode technology solves completely.
Thanks to the Prime Factory Mode you can finally have the balancing quality of car manufactures in your workshop, every time you want.

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