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What if everythig were this easy?

Once again CEMB revolutionizes the world of balancing with the introduction of a new patented pending data input system.

Thanks to the aid of Laser Spotter and a Laser line, 2-hit allows the input of dimensions by operating directly on the wheel, making the balancing process increasingly user-friendly.

  • Select the type of rim to work on.
  • Manually move the wheel until the Laser Spotter pointer matches the Laser line and hit the tyre with a light punch to acquire the diameter.
  • Place the Laser Spotter pointer on the first correction plane and hit the tyre to confirm the selection.
  • The Laser Spotter pointer will automatically reposition itself near the second correction plane and a small movement will be enough to reach the exact point to be confirmed with a hit.

2-hit is the first wheel balancer to support this technology and represents the perfect mix of innovation, speed, simplicity, strength and ergonomics.


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