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Headlight Beam Setter LED/Xenon & Lasers

This headlight beam setter is our mechanical headlight beam setter with digital luxometer, equipped with an adjustable measurement panel, a mirror viewer with standard handwheel and a 200 mm Plexiglas semi-optical lens.

Please note : This beam setter includes a digital luxometer to measure light intensity on LED and Xenon headlights as well as being able to align LED and Xenon headlights.

Also equipped with a laser pointer (for height) and a laser visor (instead of mirror).


  • Mechanical Headlight Beam Tester
  • Will measure lux on LED and Xenon headlights
  • Equipped with laser visor and laser pointer
  • Graduated digital luxmeter
  • Base with 3 wheels
  • Mirror visor
  • Optional : Laser Visor
  • Sliding system with locking clamp and graduated scale
  • Adjustable checking panel for % setting
  • 3 piece column 1660mm
  • Made in Italy


Top Auto HBA26D Brochure



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