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Argos Touchless Alignment System

INSTANT TOUCHLESS MEASUREMENT ON THE 4 WHEELS IN LESS THAN 5 SECONDS WITHOUT EXITING THE VEHICLE.No clamps, targets or sensors. No manual adjustments for cars with different wheelbases. Rim run-out not compulsory. No need to remove hubcaps. Measuring process automatically starts at the arrival of the vehicle. Measure toe and camber in less than 5 seconds and all data in a few more. No brake pedal required to measure caster.OUTSTANDING PRACTICALITY Automatic detection of the ongoing procedures. Remote control. Automatic pre-selection of vehicles specifications. Camera support for the positioning of the vehicle on the turnplates. No leveled lift required.FITS AROUND YOUR WORKING SPACE WITHOUT INTERFERENCE Fitting to every type of lift for wheel alignment or pit. No obstructions around lift or wheels. No moving parts, no bulky cabinet.DRIVE-THROUGH VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE
Cemb Argos Touchless Wheel Alignment